I was born in the City of Glasgow many years ago and, though I have moved around a lot, I haven't forgotten my roots. Without giving my age away, let’s just say I am old enough to have enjoyed living through the 1960s. I remember when the Beatles released their first hit single, Love Me Do, in 1962 and from there I was swept up in all the fun the 1960s had to offer.


I left school in 1963 and became a trainee metallurgist in Motherwell, though at the time I had no idea what a metallurgist did. Let's just say I didn't stick it. My journeys to work were long and tiring, not unlike some London commutes today. I lasted a year. After that I became an apprentice telephone engineer with the Post Office which, in coming years became British Telecom. I loved that work and finished my apprenticeship then found work in the private sector with Erikson Telephones as a Tester/Installer (the man who tested the equipment before it was handed over to the customer). I travelled the country then. Locations such as Nottingham, Derby, Liverpool and Leeds and Wakefield became my stamping grounds in England as well as Glasgow, Stirling, Galashields, Edinburgh and Lesmahagow, to name a few, back home in Scotland.


Eventually, I decided to give education another go and in 1975 secured a place at Glasgow University to study law. After three years of studying, and a degree under my belt, I went on to practice as a Solicitor, where I met a wide cross section of society and lots of colourful characters (some of whom I admit appear in my novels – with the names changed, of course)


Throw in marriage, four children and a few other occupations to boot (bus driver, taxi driver, brewery salesman, champagne importer and wine seller – I have even picked the grapes) and I have plenty of experience to work with when I write.


Writing has always been a lifelong ambition and with plenty of weapons in my arsenal when it comes to thinking up new ideas, I am enjoying my new career as an author.


Last but not least, it should be said that Graeme Gibson is not my real name. That, however, will remain a secret for a little while longer.