Archangel is the thrilling sequel to "The Janus Complex" and it too is available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Goodreads, Nook (Barnes & Noble) and Kobo and also in paperback.

Jamie Raeburn is back. Now married and a father, he is drawn into a dark world of political assassination in the early 1970s. Recruited by the Head of a deniable Covert Organisation working for the British Government and with his past hanging over him like the Sword of Damocles, Jamie finds himself at the heart of Britain's battle against the IRA and the KGB. When one day he kills a man in Belfast his conscience tells him it is time to stop but extricating himself from the role he has assumed is far from easy. As he searches for an escape route for him and his family the killings continue and his disillusionment grows. Old friends and enemies from his past return to add to his torment. When he sets off on what he sees as his final mission he has no idea of what awaits him. Alone in Eire, just south of the border with the North, he faces his ultimate challenge. An IRA execution squad is waiting in the darkness as he completes his mission and they are expecting him. Someone wants him dead. But who? And why? 

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