I am currently working on a number of new novels and will give a taste of these here.


Web of Evil

Web of Evil is something I have been working on for quite a while.  It's a new departure for me as it is my first attempt at a novel written in the first person. The story centres on an investigation into paedophilia at the highest level and the threats against the journalist that follow. The internet is a big part of the plot, hence the name Web of Evil. There are two main characters, Dan Armour and Rebekah Mansell. Dan is a disillusioned and angry ex-soldier discharged from the army on spurious medical grounds after an incident involving the US Army in Iraq which has been covered up. Rebekah is the journalist who is investigating the paedophile ring. She is the sister of Dan's closest friend from the army, Sol Mansell. She is also very beautiful and she is black.

As the story unfolds Dan helps Rebekah to complete her investigation. Her life is in mortal danger and violent confrontations arise between Dan and men acting for the American. Two factions of MI5 are also involved; one faction wanting to help and one wanting the matter erased. The American is in league with this faction and he poses the greatest threat to Rebekah's safety. 

Needless to say, Dan and Rebekah prevail but it is a dangerous road they travel. I am currently 70,000 + words into the novel and hope to finish at around 120,000. I will keep you posted and will put a sample on the site shortly.

Cacophony of Lies

This is a new Jamie Raeburn novel, set a few years after Redemption. Jame is summoned to London where he learns tat the daughter of a senior government minister has been abducted. No ransom demand has been made and the police have not been informed. Jamie, against his wishes and better judgement, is teamed up with a female agent of MI5, a young woman who has completed a survival course with Jamie's and Conor Whelan's firm in Scotland. As the story progresses Jamie's suspicions mount. This isn't about getting the minister's daughter released, it is about something more and it involves the thing Jamie is best at but also the thing he detests most. He has to kill again. I have managed about 12,000 words to date but it is getting there. I will post a link to a sample shortly.

Unnatural Causes

I chose this title about 6 months ago but discovered recently that someone else has just published a novel with the same title so I'm looking for a new title. Any suggestions will be gratefully considered.  This is another Jamie Raeburn novel and it revolves around the mysterious death of a man in the Scottish Highlands. The man was working for Ultra when his body was found. The official line is suicide but the Head of Ultra suspects otherwise. There are political ramifications and Jamie, posing as a Special Branch officer, faces opposition and danger as he investigates. Those who know anything about recent Scottish history will know of the death of Willie MacRae. This story follows a similar path but the ending will be dramatically different and where Jamie Raeburn goes there will, inevitably, be death.  the word count at the moment is 21,000 but, as I said, I need a new title. Help!

Some Sunny Day

This is the working title for a World War 2 novel centring on an RAF pilot shot down over France. I started this story a long time ago with the hero a young fighter pilot but shelved it. I am now bringing it back to life but the hero is Lancaster Bomber pilot who, after his crew parachutes from the stricken aircraft, survives a crash landing in north eastern France. During the summer I was working in a forest near my house in Champagne and came across an enormous lake deep in the trees. The plot emerged from that. I'm doing my research at the moment and hope to start writing soon. watch this space.