At the moment 'The Janus Complex'  and 'Archangel' have been published on Kindle as well as being available in paperback. The third and final part of the trilogy, 'Redemption' is now nearing completion after many re-writes. It has been a long journey and 'Archangel' posed me many difficulties as I wrestled with much of the background, writing and re-writing on more than a few occasions. I also struggled with the balance that I hope I achieved in 'The Janus Complex', that blend of intrigue, romance, thrills and adventure which I hope appeals to both male and female readers. After all, men like romance and women like thrills, don't they?  


I have a number of other projects underway now, 'Redemption', 'Web Of Evil', 'Broken Wings' and a new Jamie Raeburn novel, 'Cacophony of Lies'. Redemption is the third and final book in the 'Dark Secrets Trilogy' after 'The Janus Complex' and 'Archangel'.

'Web of Evil' and 'Broken Wings' are a departure from the Dark Secrets books and both are different in their own way also.  'Web of Evil' is an up to date thriller set around the use and abuse of the world wide web and 'Broken Wings' is set in World War II and follows the life of a young RAF fighter pilot. There are twists and turns a many, just like the aerial combat he engages in.


I sometimes wish my days were 48 hours long!