The final book of the Dark Secrets Trilogy sees Jamie Raeburn brought back from the dead by Sir Charles Redmond, the Head of Ultra, to face a dilemma of enormous proportion. His mission is, on the face of it, straightforward but Jamie knows, from bitter experience, that nothing Sir Charles asks him to do is straightforward. Liam Fitzpatrick, the man who saved Jamie's life on his last mission, wants help to escape the double life he has found himself in. Sir Charles can provide that help, through Jamie, but, as with everything, there is a price... and Jamie is charged with collecting.

And therein lies Jamie's dilemma. Exacting the price from Liam will mean betraying the man's trust and killing again. But can he? 


Redemption is available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, Goodreads, Nook (Barnes & Noble) and Kobo and is also available in paperback. Read a passage from the book.