"What an astounding read!!! This has got to be one if the best books I have ever read...thoroughly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an ever evolving plot and being kept on the edge of their seat. It has just the right mix of love and romance with real nitty gritty underworld crime! Can't wait for your next book.”  (The Janus Complex)

"What an engrossing book. The characters are all totally believable and you really build up a rapport with them. The author has totally caught my imagination with his wonderfully descriptive and beautifully written story. I sincerely hope there is a follow up to this. Well worth a read. It's long but totally worth it!!"  (The Janus Complex)

"What, Amazon won’t let me give six stars? Okay, five stars it is. As engaging a book of fiction as I have read in a long time. Some Americans might find the local Scottish And British slang of the 1960’s difficult to understand but I found, reading around it, I caught the meaning and could follow the story with little difficulty. By the end of the book, I was on top of it with ease. A well-written action adventure that grabs you as the story unfolds both in twenty-one year old Jamie Raeburn’s life and his loves. The author’s descriptions are just enough that you will feel like you are right there next to Jamie, feeling what he feels, seeing what he sees. Tasting his bittersweet life while he struggles through it. The sex scenes are very appropriately placed and descriptive enough to place you in the middle of the action. Even though there are several sex scenes they do not dominate the action in the troubled young man’s life. Struggling to become a man, his life is filled with heartache, sorrow and pain. I won’t go too far in-depth but will say this book will take hold of you and make you stay up late at night to find out what happens next. I purchased this almost a year ago and kept skipping over it doing reviews of other books. Now, I wonder what other gems I have in my queue that I should be reading and reviewing."  (The Janus Complex)

"This is a very long but thoroughly enjoyable read. Gibson pushes the hero Jamie to the very edges of plausibility but not quite beyond, he is almost too good to be true but definitely good enough to eat. All the characters are well thought out and written, with a plot which draws you in and refuses to let go until you reach the end.
All in all I would recommend this book to anyone looking for anything from James Bond to Romeo & Juliet!
The ending suggests a sequel to come - it'll definitely be on my to read list." (The Janus Complex)

"This book will keep you awake. A very enjoyable read." (Archangel)

"Could not wait for the second book as the Janus Complex was great. This one is just the same and now can't wait for third book. Really caught up with the character. Well written." (Archangel)

"Having read The Janus Complex (the first book in the trilogy) I was eager to read Archangel and was in no way disappointed. This book is extremely well written by an exceptional author with a fine eye for detail. It leaves the reader right in the midst of the action feeling as though they are part of the story! I can't praise this book highly enough and well done to the author. Just waiting patiently on the last book of the trilogy now!! " (Archangel)

"Surely this can’t be the end strong characters and story lines more please. Hope there is more to come. Please." (Redemption)