The Janus Complex is my first book and also the first book of my Dark Secrets Trilogy, with Books Two (Archangel) and Three (Redemption) also now available. The Janus Complex introduces an unlikely hero, Jamie Raeburn, and charts his transition from ordinary, street wise Glasgow boy through two passionate love affairs with women, both harbouring dark secrets, to the book's bloody finale. At one point he tells his girlfriend " this city, even the good guys have a little bad in them."


But is Jamie Raeburn one of the good guys? Find out now. Want to read a passage from the book before you buy? Read it here.


The Janus Complex is available in Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, Goodreads, Nook (Barnes & Noble) and Kobo. It is also available in paperback. Get your copy now on Amazon by clicking the blue button below the image.

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